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A way to Connect, Love, Learn, and Serve within the Body of Christ

 Let’s face it. Getting to know people can be hard work. Relationships take time and yet when we make the effort to connect with others we are blessed and so are they. Doing church is not just about attending a service on Sunday. It is also about doing life together during the week at home, work, and the community.

First Baptist Church wants to help you connect with other people within our body to help you  love, learn, serve, pray, and care for one another. The best way to do this is through our T360 Small Groups.  If you desire to be part of one of these Transformation Groups or just want more information, please fill out this contact form and Pastor Scott Bess will contact you.

Contact Scott Bess for more information at 238-4419 or


 What is a T360 Group?

They are small communities that meet in homes throughout the city with the goal of living life together in pursuit of being a disciple of Christ.

What is a disciple you ask?  Well one definition is:

 Someone who is a fully devoted follower of Christ and whose character is continually being transformed into His image; and has a sincere desire for an intimate relationship with God resulting in an effective love for others. 

So we believe that a disciple is best developed and the transformation of the WHOLE person occurs by getting out of rows and into circles.

We call these circles – Transformation  360 or T360 Groups

What do they look Like?

They are small groups of people (12-16) meeting in homes, living in ‘small community’ where true biblical relationships can be formed, where there is openness and transparency about our journey in the faith, where we open up God’s word together to see how his principles apply to our life so that our character and thinking is changed.  Where there is encouragement, prayer, support and a desire to share our faith with the community we live in.

Our best example of this is in Acts 2:42-47 and so we will try to have a component of each of these elements within our groups:


Young-Marrieds-03 Young Marrieds

For those of you that have been married 10 years or less and are in their 20’s-30’s we have a T360 group that meets every other Sunday night.  Please contact pastor Scott at or the church office at 238-4419 for more information.  Our group meets for aprox 2 hrs for fellowship and the study of God’s Word.  Child care is currently not provided.



Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Class

Sunday Mornings at 9am in Room 112

All adults  are invited to attend our  Learn Biblical truths with an emphasis on how they affect our marriages and our parenting. Now studying the book of Daniel. Led by John Nicolds.

Life Ventures (for 60+)

Group 1 meets Sunday Morning at 10:30 am in room 109

Group 2 meets Sunday Morning at 9am in room 113

It’s a time of reflection upon life, but most importantly a time to look forward to all God has planned for retired adults now. Life Ventures challenges a generation already full of life’s experiences to discover new ones in their service to the Lord, and to pass on to younger generations the legacy of their faith.The Life Ventures group seeks to equip, encourage, and minister to Bible students in their retirement years, motivating them to share their valuable experiences with younger generations.

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